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The Faces Behind WebCamp One

We’re WebCamp One, a husband and wife team lucky enough to live and work in beautiful historic Williamsburg, Virginia. I’m Jim, the designer and web developer of our team and Ann is a professional writer who has two published books and thousands of articles to her credit.

I’ve had a love affair with computers and the Internet for a very long time. To me the Internet is a runway to a universe where imagination takes flight and curiosity rarely goes hungry. A universe where websites beckon travelers to the visionary companies and individuals who inhabit this space and rise each day to meet its unique challenges. I value the trust my clients place in me each time I am contracted to build a new website. My overarching goal is to make absolutely certain that their trust is well-placed and well-deserved.

Ann has the unique ability to uncomplicate the complicated. She plies those skills exploring a wide range of topics that live under the health care mantle. She’s published two memoirs, "No More Secs!" Living, Laughing & Loving Despite Multiple Sclerosis and "Catch That Look" Living Laughing & Loving Despite Triple Negative Breast Cancer are treasured by readers worldwide. If you have an online publication you know how difficult it can be to find writers who know how to research a subject and write captivating articles on deadline. Give Ann a call. You’ll be glad you did.

For a complete portfolio of Ann’s work, visit AnnPietrangelo.com.

“At WebCamp One, we never promise more than we can deliver and we always deliver what we promise.”

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